Reginald Paige (aka Scottie P.)

The Visionary CEO & Founder
Roc Wit Me Inc. (RWM)

Scottie is a native of Wilmington, NC now residing in New York City. Through Scottie’s own experience around the effects of substance abuse and mental health, he is committed to the mission and vision of Roc Wit Me. Inc.
In January of 1998; Scottie was also accused of murder. He knows that the only reason he was arrested was because of his substance use. For the next 18 months, Scottie was behind bars; dogged by the fear of life in jail or wrongful execution. 
Though he was eventually exonerated, he still went back to using drugs. Then there was a turning point by Faith. Scottie is now in recovery and knows that substance use and mental health recovery takes more than just self-will. Scottie is currently a Certified Recovery Peer Advocate & Recovery Coach. He uses his past experiences and community resources to help people begin the road to recovery.
Scottie’s goal for Roc Wit Me Inc:
To help & support in rebuilding communities.
One of Scottie’s favorite quotes is “Not all storms come to disrupt your life; some come to clear a path.” Finally, Scottie firmly believes that he went from being a “Dope Dealer to a Hope Dealer.”

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Scottie” as everyone knows him; is a motivational speaker and life coach.

Topics Includes:

Depression 101

Mental Health Awareness

Pre and Post Incarceration

Substance Abuse Awareness

Peer to Peer Recovery Support Groups

Life Coaching